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Enjoy Chinese New Year at Quay House

Herald in the year of
the wood dragon!

Celebrate the spirit of togetherness and prosperity at Quay House. Enjoy the Prosperity Platter at $38/++ per pax! Our curated menu invites you to savour moments of warmth and connection. Reserve your table now for a festive celebration like no other.

Valentine's Day Menu at Quay House

valentine's day

As Shakespeare wisely said, "If music be the food of love, play on"

Feel the magic and dance of flavours at Quay House this Valentine's Day with our exclusive Valentine's Day Menu specially curated by our Chef. Reserve your table now for an intimate and unique celebration like no other.

Bottomless Drinks Promotion


Pouring Happiness! One Sip at a time.

Savour our Bottomless Drinks Experience every weekend for 2 hours. $48 per pax which includes Prosecco, Wines, House Pours, Beers and Spirits. Terms and conditions apply

Quay House Food Platters

Flavourful Feasts…
Exquisite Food Platters!

Are you ready to elevate your gatherings and events to a whole new level?  Look no further thanour mouth watering food platters designed to tickle your taste buds.  Indulge in a symphony of flavours and textures that will leave  your guests raving and craving for more!


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